Global Malls, Bengaluru

Global Malls

The Play

We were given a task to strategise, come up with the launch of Lulu International Shopping Mall’s merger program which brought about a new brand – Global malls. We had to come up with ideas to resonate and connect with the local audience in the tech city of India, Bangalore without losing the magic and trust that Lulu Malls brings and to being one with the culture of the place.

We look at Bengalulu as not just quirky wordplay, but an actual mythical world created by the fusion of two wonderful worlds. A parallel universe of joy, wonderment and endless entertainment. A place where everything you can think of is at your fingertips. A world where everyone is home and welcome.
From this comes a friendly, approachable, yet cool tone.
We will speak in their lingo, we will use their slangs, but never going into negative territory. We will take immense pride in being a part of their lives, geography and culture, but also retain our pride at being ourselves.

Lulu’s properties are not just about being expansive, well appointed retail spaces that shimmer and shine and gloss over. They are about connections.
About having a human connect with the residents. That’s when a mall transcends being a building and becomes a symbol of pride.