Creative Ad Agency in Bangalore

We are an independent branding company in Bangalore that empathises and transforms brands. We build brand experiences & enhance brand positioning. A culture of obessiveness. We are Silverback. Go Ape Sh*t!

Our Creative & Branding Projects

Bure Khayaal – A music short

Film Production, Video

Fanfare-Urban Buzzaar

Branding, Digital, Typography

Van Heusen

Digital, Stop-Motion


Branding, Film, Photography

Counter-Culture Edit

Branding, Digital, Illustration


Digital, Photography

Rainbow Bridge

Branding, Illustration, Video

Who we are

A creative house with a wild mix of communication experts, strategists, writers, artists film makers and musicians. We also flex an in-house production team that frequently collaborates with young bloods and next-bigs to give your brand a fresh new vibe.

Independent Work

Our Beliefs


The path to genius is absolute madness.

Like great art, coming up with great ideas is not the most pleasant process. You’re never too pretty to get down and dirty. The more you embrace it, the more fun there is to have. There are no two ways about it, and there’s no other way we’d rather have it.



Honestly, it’s all about honesty.

Whether you’re a brand, an agency or an individual, in a world full of make-believe and made-up personalities, being honest is a breath of fresh air.


Creativity without effectiveness is criminal.

Don’t be creative for the sake of being creative. Solve a problem. Make someone’s day. Spread some love. Connect people together in a new way. Be creative for a bigger cause.

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