Norah & Joe

Dartimp on muses, love & connection through virtual portraits




Part 01
Dear Norah,

You were like a Jimi Hendrix song playing under the evening sun when I saw you in that bar. So subtle, Having a drink by yourself. Your no makeup, hair up and sweatpants look turned my life around. Then we spoke, We laughed, We screamed till they kicked us out. Played your favourite song “Me and Bobby McGee”, we drove away from the city. On the way back I knew you were mine.



“Norah and Joe are the two Characters I developed and started writing out of sheer boredom. I initially put a vague idea on the paper and developed in the course of shooting”.

Seemanth Sunil alias Dartimp is a Bangalore based advertising and fashion photographer and is the founder of Studio Dartimp.

Norah and Joe are two characters I developed and started writing out of sheer boredom” he says, “ I initially put a vague idea on paper and developed it in the course of shooting.”

As artists and creators, it is come to a point where we must adapt and learn from the fast moving pace of technology, and with the pandemic at stake it is forced us to think of new ways to create.

“I think this is gonna be the future. So before we started shooting. Hadrien and Maya, friends of mine from France who played the characters showed me their house. I took a virtual tour of their house. We decided on couple of locations. I give them guidance as to how they should compose themselves, set the frame and how to carry a mood, It felt like the actors were assisting me on the shoot.”

Sometimes a renegade in love, Seemanth believes that everyone is a Norah or Joe in their own designed lives.

Once Norah & Joe was published, some of the reactions I got from people was pure curiosity at plain sight; who these characters were and what kind of lives do they lead. I have worked on five virtual portrait series, each one deals with different short stories on different characters. I was glad to know that people connected to these different characters and their story.

“Directing my ‘muses’ via FaceTime and then taking their portrait by capturing that moment by simply taking a screenshot.”

“Seeing a house on Facetime and figuring out the passage of light and controlling it was a challenging thing. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.” he says, “ Directing my ‘muses’ via FaceTime and then taking their portrait by capturing that moment by simply taking a screenshot. From India through France, 8000Km apart, Time zones apart, I got to experience this virtual connection with them.”



Part – ii
Dear Norah

It’s me again. I am not sure, whether you are receiving my letters or if you have been ignoring it. I like to believe you are not.
It’s been 7 weeks since you left Paris, 7 weeks since I last kissed you. The way you kiss me with your eyes open seemed creepy at first, eventually I grew fond of it.
There are a lot of unspoken feelings in my mind especially when I found the book “ bright side” that you left for me on our couch. I found your note on page 37 which says “ take care of yourself, Love Noh”, it still has your smell.
I can’t imagine that If we had taken different paths when we first met, We would have been leading different lives. But I chose to listen to my heart and my heart chose you. and now it doesn’t have to end here.
I’m grateful to have met you. But the universe had different plans for us.
Maybe I will see you again somewhere, someday.

Au revoir


Find him at DartImp Studios.

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